Causes Of Ankle And Leg Edema – 8 Medical Reasons

In this article we’re going to discuss some medical problems that cause ankle and leg edema. The first thing we need to understand is what an ankle and leg edema is. Ankle and leg edema is an unusual build-up of fluid (retention) in the body tissues that leads to swelling in the lower extremities. There’re many factors that can lead to fluid retention in the legs such as an inflammation of the joint or malfunctioning of liver, lungs, kidneys, heart, legs vein or other vital organs.

While there are no certain ways to pinpoint exactly what causes the fluid built-up without the help of healthcare provider, there’re several possibilities that may trigger it. The following are 8 medical reasons that might just be the causes of your ankle and leg edema:

1. Cancer of the urinary bladder

Cancer of the urinary bladder is tumor of the urinary bladder that growth due to exposure to chemical materials, tobacco inhalation, infections and small pelvis irradiation. This type of cancer causes bladder tenesmus (a feeling of incomplete defecation), blood in urine, pain in pelvis, urination difficulty as well as leg edema.

2. Chronic liver disease

Chronic liver disease is a condition where the liver is scarred and injured thus fails to function normally. As the liver malfunctioning and unable to secrete enough protein albumins, the body will try to compensate it by retaining fluid. This retention leads to abdominal edema as well as ankle and leg edema.

3. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot in the deep veins of the legs or pelvic area. The symptoms associated with the disorder might vary from patient to patient but the most common are warm skin, pain, color changes in the legs, fullness of the veins underneath the skin and swelling in one leg either right leg swelling or left leg swelling.

4. Emphysema

Emphysema is condition where air sacks in the lung get inflamed causing the lungs fail to shrink thoroughly upon exhalation and breathe in sufficiently upon inhalation. This will cause problem as the lungs will not be able to replace waste oxygen with fresh oxygen adequately. Breathing difficulty, shortness of breath, sleeping disturbance, extreme tiredness, ankle and leg edema, wheezing and excess mucus production are some of the symptoms associated with emphysema. The symptoms usually progress over many years.

5. Heart disease

Heart disease is a disorder of the heart, a condition where the heart can not deliver enough blood to the body. As the condition continues, many symptoms will occur, the patient may feel tired or weak and the body might retain fluid causing ankle and leg swelling.

6. Kidney disorders

This disorder will cause swelling in the face, eyes, ankles, legs and feet.

7. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a form of arthritis disease where the joint is inflamed and injured due to malfunctioning of the body’s autoimmune system. It can occur in the joint bones and other body parts. The hands, wrists and feet are usually attacked first and continue to the shoulders, elbows and hips.

As the joint get inflamed, several symptoms such as swelling in the joint and a little fever as well as extreme tiredness, harshness and pain might occur although may not obvious. Rheumatoid Arthritis normally attacks both the joint of the left and right sides of the body.

If the synovial lining of the joint and arteries get inflamed too, swelling of the calves and feet might occur.

8. Venous Insufficiency

Venous insufficiency may cause bilateral swelling (swelling of the both legs) as well as unilateral swelling (swelling of one leg).

Ankle and leg edema is not a disease contrary it’s more to a way of your body try to alert you about the existence of certain medical reason. The above list is just some of the causes of ankle and leg edema, there’re still many other conditions that may cause swelling in the lower extremities. If you’re suffering a chronic swelling that doesn’t go away even after a long rest, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.